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STOP! If you're a windows script kiddie with little idea or interest in Linux, this is not the page for you!

These scripts are written to run on a Linux / Unix system. I have no interest in Windows systems. I will ignore all requests to email you a windows binary.

If you're a Linux / Unix user that's genuinely tried to solve your own problem but still have questions, I'd be really delighted to respond and help you. Likewise, if you develop a windows equivalent of what I've done here, I'd be happy to hear from you and add a reference to your work onto my pages.

From time to time, I find a certain task that would be just too tedious to perform manually. Linux and the languages that are freely available for it provide a wonderfully rich opportunity for scripting solutions to these sorts of problem.

Perhaps some of these scripts may be useful for you...

Read the notes on my photo album scripts for some hints about getting Cygwin installed and running on your Windows computer.

One or two of the perl scripts above make use of some perl libraries which you need to make sure you install. The Windows perl scripts (and their Linux counterparts) don't need these libraries.

Installing perl libraries is trivial. Start by typing the following at a shell prompt (in either Cygwin or Linux)...

perl -MCPAN -e "shell"

You'll be asked many configuration questions the first time you do this but subsequent times will pick up the data you entered the first time. Select defaults for all questions until you're asked for a mirror site near where you live. Choose one close to your location.

When the initial configuration formalities are complete, you will see the "cpan>_" prompt. You can now install the first of the required libraries as follows...

cpan> install URI::Escape

You'll see the module downloaded, configured, installed and tested. The process takes about a minute and the size of the download is small.

When it's done, you'll see the "cpan>_" prompt again and you can install these additional libraries used in the m4a2mp3 script...

install MP4::Info
install MP3::Info
install MP3::Tag

Finally, just type...

cpan> quit

...to return to the Linux or Cygwin shell. My scripts will now run properly without complaining about the missing libraries.

Windows versions of some of the scripts on this page

For your convenience and to save you the need to install and run a windows compiler yourself, I've packaged binaries of faad, faac, mp4info, mp4tags, id3v2, lame and m4a_optimise along with the DLLs which they require and the fix_tags.pl, generate_playlist.pl, m4a2mp3.pl and hack_filenames.pl scripts into a Windows zipfile.

These binaries have been compiled from freely downloadable sources and are offered under various public use licenses. Please refer to the README in the zipfile which tells you about the Internet sources where you will be able to find full credit and copyright information. Please visit each web site for more information and the Terms of Use of the applications. You must agree to the terms of Use for EVERY utility in this zipfile in order to use it. Use of this zipfile means that you accept all licence terms as provided on their respective sites.

The README in the zipfile also provides information about where you should copy the files on your Windows system.

Note: You will need to install ActivePerl for Windows in order to run these Windows scripts. Google for ActivePerl to find its freely downloadable installer.

Stefan Keller-Tuberg. August 2006.

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