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Last modified: 6th January, 2009

Improved Linux scripts
Modified Linux scripts to work in Windows - using Cygwin

These pages describe a web based photo album.

By dragging and dropping your photos, multimedia or any other type of file into an album directory tree, these scripts will dynamically generate good looking web pages which can be displayed on any browser, even over a network. The scripts automatically generate thumbnail and reduced resolution images as required. When running the scripts on a Linux server or Windows/Cygwin, you are also able to interactively annotate, rotate, delete or move files using your web browser as a user friendly GUI.


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Why I thought that I needed a digital photo album

What might a simple digital album look like?

Download and install the Linux version of the web based album

Download and install the Windows version of the web based album

Download and install the Windows/Cygwin version of the web based album

Why I thought that I needed a digital photo album

After a couple of years of happy snapping with our new digital camera, I found that we were creating ourselves an ever growing collection of photos. When we purchased the digital camera, we had grand visions of managing our photos on the computer and forever freeing ourselves from the ongoing burden of keeping our albums up to date. This was our vision.

Time passed and we accumulated several thousand digital photos and a growing collection of home videos and sound recordings of the kids. We thought it would be neat to throw all of these things into our "digital photo album". One problem though: what software were we going to use?

To me, the commercial software available for creating digital photo albums seem cheesy, proprietary and poor value for money. What I am really intereted in is a programme to arrange my photos and movies on web pages so that anybody in the family can look at them on whatever computer (or set top box) they like. All they really require is a browser and a network connection to our home server. The commercial software that I could find didn't seem to provide this.

I also wanted the assurance that if I changed computer or changed operating system in the future, I would not have to redo all the annotations and photo arrangement using a new software package..... that is, I still plan to be adding photos to my digital album in 40 years time, but I am not sure that any of today's commercial album packages will still be supported in 40 years time!

This web based album is my 'solution' to these problems.

Like all things on this web site, it started as a programme written in 'C' running under the Linux operating system. It's now a leaner and meaner set of perl scripts that generate cgi output from our home web server. To make it easier to view the album on my lap-top when I'm away from the home web server, I have a cut down version of the scripts written for Windows that generate static web pages. If you want to run the scripts under Windows, I'd recommend installing Cygwin and running the Linux version of the scripts.

What might a simple digital album look like?

The advantage of a digital camera is that when it takes snaps, it numbers the photos sequentially. You can throw all these digital photos into a directory somewhere and they will automatically be in chronological order. Making a photo album should therefore be a snap - just display the photos in sequence.

Unfortunately, it's not quite that simple - and I haven't even mentioned home movies and other documents.

My photo album code was originally written for to run as cgi-scrip on the Apache web server on a Linux computer. My original aim was to be able and drag / drop photos into folders within my www tree and every time somebody surfed to one of these folders, the cgi-scripts would render sensible web pages of the photos and files. The Linux version of my album software works exactly like this way.

At work, I write a lot of documents and was looking for an easy way to share them with colleagues. The Linux based album scripts are ideal for rendering web pages of any type of file onto the company Interanet.

I've arranged things so that when I boot my Windows laptop, it automatically mounts a remote drive to a Linux web server on the corporate LAN. Even though all my files appear like they're on a directory on my lap top, they're really stored in the web hierarchy on the corporate server and instantly available to anyone that surfs to my intranet web pages! The benefit is that everybody automatically has access to the latest version of my files, I don't need to be in the office to share them and I don't need to bombard people with large daily emails giving them updates any more.

These interactive features are only available using the Linux and Cygwin versions of my album code. However I've spun a dumbed down regular Windows version of the scripts that create static ".html" pages so that you can at least easily browse the album on a computer that's not connected to a Linux / Cygwin web server. So when I'm away from the office, I can still browse a local mirror of my work files and I can still browse a local copy of our album.

The windows file structure and annotation notes are fully compatible with the Linux version so it's easy to copy the interactive album from one system to another. This means that you can arrange your album manually on a Windows computer today and move it over to Linux at some later time without needing to worry that you'll have to do anything more than copying the directories across.

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